ifail3Failure stories are an important part of our lives and successful projects. The times when we didn’t voice our opinions, when we miscalculated it all or the times we failed to really listen to others matter. Failure Shapes our life just as much as success.

So what are your relevant failures?


One thought on “#iFail

  1. Hey guys! Let me tell you about my failures.

    I failed in climbing the career ladder in the IT company that I am currently working for.
    I have applied for 5 different internal positions within the last year. For a specific position I have even applied twice, on 2 separate occasions, but I fail every time.
    I have been rejected for all 5 positions I have applied for. One specific feedback that I have received is that I have a set of expectations that are too high…not from the job itself…but from the persons that I work with.
    Somehow, I haven’t been the chosen one. I have even been surpassed by a colleague that had nothing to do with the position. Yes, you heard it.
    It’s like when you are have been painting all your life and you apply for a painting job. Twice. And a carpenter comes along and gets the job. How frustrating is this?
    You are free to laugh. Don’t worry, I am laughing as I am writing this.

    Moral of the story: I was trying to hard to be in a place that I didn’t fit it.
    As soon as I turned around and opened my eyes , I started to see all the opportunities that were passing me by. Life was passing me by as I was chasing shadows. What a fool have I been.

    And as inspiration hit me hard, I even decided to write it all out. It turned out to be more of a rap song , than a poem, but it works just fine for me.

    Failure is a step forward.A step forward in the right direction.
    Every time you fail you learn something, you gain something and feel less anxiety than the last time you fail. How can this be a step backwards? It’s pure progress.


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