100 Women for Bucharest


100WfB is a civic fundraising initiative offering a voice to causes that make a difference for a more equitable, liveable and civically dynamic Bucharest. It is an exercise of solidarity and community outreach inspired by the American model of philanthropy for community causes.

How it works?

100 women from Bucharest who excel in their professional fields commit to annually contribute 100€ for a cause which improves the lives of the city’s residents. The Global Shapers Bucharest Hub launches the public call for projects and selects 3 finalists for the award dinner.

3 finalist projects pitch their cause at the award dinner with the 100 supporters. The community of women votes the winning project and confers the award worth 10.000€. The Shapers team guides and monitors the project in the implementation year.

We support:

  • Projects which connect the people of Bucharest and develop social cohesion activated by diversity.
  • Initiatives that trigger civic engagement and empowerment among all the inhabitants of Bucharest, regardless of their social status.
  • Ideas that are generated by non-governmental organizations, people or civic initiative groups in their early stages.

We believe:

  • In a society without discrimination based on gender, ethnic, religious, ability or sexual difference.
  • That every member of the community is a reference of professional and personal integrity.
  • In transparency and fairness, the principles we apply in the way the local initiatives are selected and financed.
  • In our individual and collective responsibility to contribute to a fair society.

For more information on the project please contact Global Shaper Raluca Negulescu at raluca.negulescu@globalshapers.ro