National Youth Council of Romania

The second edition of the National Youth Council of Romania will take place between 10 and 13 September in Bucharest. The purpose of this edition is to structure and promote the vision of young people on a series of subject areas and to propose amendments to update the legislative framework youth in Romania. This debate platform benefits from a strategic partnership with Global Shapers Bucharest Hub, Aspen Institute Romania and the Youth Organization National Union Bloc and will gather over 200 youth representatives from Romania.

In the first two days of the event participants will attend a series of panels for discussion on topical issues. Professional facilitators will join young people’s creativity and critical thinking to achieve an objective analysis and, especially, to propose realistic and appropriate solutions to the problems identified on each level. Subjects for the panels will be:

1.    Labor and Entrepreneurship
2.    Participation and volunteering
3.    Health, Sports and Recreation
4.    Culture and Education
5.    YOUth Guarantee and the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups

Young people aged 14 to 35 willing to participate in this event can register by filling in the form available on the official website of the Youth Forum in Romania ( from August 10th to 23th, 2015. The selection results will be released on August 31, 2015. The organizers will provide accommodation and meals for 100 participants from outside Bucharest  and lunch for 100 participants in Bucharest.

“Beyond statistics, the overall situation of young people in Romania is worrying. From our point of view, a central role in improving the social situation of this category, creating a favorable youth employment and professional development of their initiatives, and not only that, is the  particular legislation and executive action. For this reason,  the second edition of the National Youth Council of Romania will recreate the space devoted to discussions and interaction between young people between 14 and 35 years from all over the country, NGOs, youth, other members of civil society  and also the  representatives of the central authorities. We started this process in order to identify the most desirable and appropriate ideas for updating the legislative framework in the field of youth in Romania, steady and perfectly connect the agenda and good practices: youth empowerment, especially young people’s access to rights and support their participation in democratic life. “- Radu Petrariu President of the Romania’s Youth Forum.


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