3 Bucharest Global Shapers on Realitatea TV

rnvTaking our message as Global Shapers on television is one of the keys to raise awareness and create impact in our societies.

3 Bucharest Global Shapers met with other young leaders of Romanian society last night at Realitatea TV, the main Romanian news network. Topics included: youth involvement in politics, global and regional impact of communities, transparency and anti-corruption, education, creative industries and journalism.


Participants to the debate are some of the authors of an unprecedented editorial initiative in Romania – “Romania Noului Val”, gathering 77 young entrepreneurs, artists, inventors, activists, young diplomats, analysts, consultants, managers and journalists offering a collection of original visions on the future of Romania, in the context of global cultural revolutions fostered by technology and the democratization of knowledge. More here: http://noulval.ro/


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